Not Dead Yet

I have colorectal cancer. There are still tests to be done before we know a certain plan of treatment, but it sounds like there will be surgery involved within a year to remove the tumor.

I've already been for 2 CT Scans and 1 MRI (soon to be a second for my liver.) Then there will be a PET scan for a full body imaging baseline!

Stay tuned for more! I'll be discussing buttholes, needles, frustrations, anger, sadness, chocolate, and most likely things not related to this whole ordeal.

Thanks for reading the sad beginning of my journey, I hope this photo of an upside-down bird eating a sunflower lifts you up a little.


If you are finding out here instead of from me directly, it's OK, I'm just exhausted already by all of this and I don't want to explain everything over and over to multiple people and I figured this was the easiest way to get information across to the largest group.

Reach out if you wanna talk. :)