Cookie Drop #2

Blueberry Cornflake cookies turned out good. Nectarine Oatmeal cookies were a bigger hit among my testers. I ended up with extra cookies this round, so if I continue making this much dough, I'll

Oh, hi there

It's been a while! I'm making cookies now! The first batch is Cornflake Oatmeal Chocolate Chip. There is a crunchy version where the outer rim is crispy and the middle is softer and

Almost there

One more pre-op appointment next week that I forgot about. It's only to check my stats for the anesthesia and give them a baseline for keeping me alive during my final surgery. OPERATION

Staying on target...

This shit has been hard. Physically I have very little stamina and emotionally I teeter on completely drained to the other end of a spectrum of  just anger or depression. Surgery happened. Yay!