Oh, hi there

It's been a while!

I'm making cookies now!

The first batch is Cornflake Oatmeal Chocolate Chip. There is a crunchy version where the outer rim is crispy and the middle is softer and chewy. There is a softer version that has a very similar flavor, but the mouth feel is more cakey. They are both my delicious children and I cannot choose a favorite. Crispy!

Cornflakes rest within a small food processor. Kitchen miscellanea are scattered about.

First you gotta powder half the flakes and most of the oats.

Oats rest within a small food processor. It's a closer tight shot so there's less clutter around.

And then you give them a good wangjangle and you bake them.

Two cookies of the crunchy variety rest upon some parchment paper.

And then you soften up the batter with a little leche love.

Nine globularly shaped cookies of the softer variety rest upon some parchment atop a cookie sheet pan.

And yesterday one of my best friends came over for lunch and brought these beauties.

A bushel of Hydrangea are nestled into a milk bottle with some orbeez.

And the Ghost Horse of Dead Horse Beach made the water tower crooked.

A view of Dead Horse Beach in Salem, MA. The tower is crooked.

And then a bunny!

A lone wild rabbit ponders left, no right, no left, yes left, shit, go right, go right. They went right.

And then a squirrel! Say hi Cherry!

A lone squirrel rests on it's haunches whilst awaiting a peanut.

All of this was mostly to say. I'm healthier and doing fine after all that cancer garbage.

Hello again.