Almost there

One more pre-op appointment next week that I forgot about. It's only to check my stats for the anesthesia and give them a baseline for keeping me alive during my final surgery.

OPERATION STOMA REMOVAL will be underway in a week and a half and I'll no longer be pooping in a special way. I will miss my toilet vacation, but will not miss the extra way I've been living life these past couple months.

Silhouette of a person walking along a leaf laden trail.

I've been trying to live regularly lately. Actually leaving the house on purpose for things other than coffee and pastries. Sadly, with this next recovery period, that will have to go on pause until mid-to-late December. I truly do miss going out for a drink with friends and trivia nights, but next year look out, here I come. (I hope I still feel this way next year.)

The image below is of our patio-squirrel-friend Strawberry.

A squirrel on the patio giving the cutest "who me?" pose.

I've been cooking and baking a lot more these days.

The image below is from an early morning drive to Kittery, ME for some delicious French crullers.

An eerie fog creeps along the plain while a foreboding radio/cell tower lurks in the distance.

We took a trip to The Salem Museum before the crowds of October arrived.

A leaf reminded me that we are exactly where we need to be.

A leaf, a tree, a marriage of nature but also divorced.

Things might change around here once STOMAGEDDON is over, but I'll possibly start blogging a little more about life outside of this disease that has meant something. I'm still trying to figure out what exactly that is...