One Weeks!

Total Recall (1990) two-weeks meme.

One more week of radiation/chemo to go and then a couple weeks of down-time before IV chemo begins.

This situation has given me a fresh outlook on life and I would like to share that with whomever reads this, but mostly for me to read later and laugh again. I've been a fan of poop and fart jokes my whole life. Everyone does it, no one really likes to talk about it, hence the societal faux pas.

Before all this, can you guess how often in my life someone had to tell me "You're bladder isn't full enough." Now my memory isn't always the best, but I'm pretty sure it was zero. Another fun comment, "What did you have for dinner last night? Because this morning you are pretty gassy." Both these statements were from radiation techs who are doing their best to try to help. Some days it's just hard drinking forty ounces of water first thing in the morning between 6:30 am and 8:00 am. Some nights I just want to make turkey tacos with all the spices, flatulence be damned! (This one surprised me, actually, not sure what was up with the outcome.) My favorite so far was being serenaded in a Target bathroom a few weeks ago with the song "Someone's making a smelly poop, smelly poop, smelllllyyy poop." He wasn't wrong, I just wasn't prepared to hear about it from a stranger. (I withheld my laughter until he left the bathroom, I don't need to enourage my fans.) I recognized his voice later in the toy section, gave him a nod, and moved on with my shopping.

Things are going well, though I do get waves of fatigue some days. 3:30 pm rolls around and I could just tuck my chin into my shirt, pull up my hood, and nod off. But naps are for wimps! Or more specifically, naps are for people who can take a nap and not wake up feeling nauseous. So the opposite of wimps.

Kitten tax.

A cat lies upon a blue heating blanket with paws covering their face.