Another Donut to Love

Content Warning: Did you get the memo?

Today was my first trip to the radioactive love hotel. It was only a simulation so they could size me up with lasers, draw on me with sharpies, and then tattoo 3 dots on my hips and torso so the machine knows where to blast me. They even placed a sticker with a metal thread on my anus to make sure they got the alignment correct. I get to start this treatment along with my chemo therapy in early December.

Everyday I will go to the hospital, check in, lie on a bed for around 20 minutes of radiation and then go about my day.

Possible side-effects of radiation therapy:

  • Most definitely:
    • Fatigue
  • Most likely:
    • Diarrhea (thank you spell check, every time)
      • Every time? How often do you type that word?
      • You'd be surprised. I mean, I am.
    • Swelling
  • Maybe:
    • Nausea
    • Urinary and bladder changes (Peeing, a lot, like so much that your significant other has to say "Again?" each time you pause the movie you are watching.)
    • Hair loss in the area
    • Fertility changes

This all sounds like a treat! But hey, I guess anything is better than exploding because you can't function like a normal human.

  • Medical Tattoos: 2
  • Donut / Torus beds I've been inside of: 5
  • Regular kick ass tattoos: 0 (but I'm looking for an artist)
  • Water ingested since this began: 100 gallons
A slice of a delicious donut with royal icing and a blackberry on top.

Now I have to figure out, where did that sticker go?