Day One

It's kind of like Batman: Year One but actually nothing like it except the concept of time passing and the number one in the title.

Current image of me with vintage Batman Superfriends mask poorly edited onto my face.

I laid down on a bed today with some spinning arms floating around me. This bed is a little different; less donut and more science fiction lab.

GLADOS from the Portal game series.

Just imagine three or four of those robot-y things hovering around you while lying on a hard bed for ten minutes. (I wouldn't mind a little cushion for my tailbone when getting up. I think I'll write the manufacturer.) It was fine.

Today started off as a Total Monday, but seems to be evening out now.

Looks like prestige TV is here to stay, I've been loading up on new things to watch during my downtime lately. Do you have anything that I should add to this list?

  • Dexter: New Blood
  • Wheel of Time
  • Cowboy Beebop Live Action
  • Succession
  • How-To with John Wilson
  • The Expanse
  • Killing Eve