Sitting alone in a room for an hour with just my thoughts and a warm blanket.

I feel like this would be torture for some people I know, but it was fine. Last week I had a PET Scan, it went well. The results were positive. Everything is as they expected but less bad.

They take you to a room, give you some radioactive sugars through an IV for the cancer in your body to om nom nom on, I like sugar too. Then you have to wait in a recliner with your legs up for an hour for the juice to circulate within your body, no reading a book or devices allowed. I almost fell asleep, but I persisted by thinking about writing.

Radioactive syringe with shielding used to administer the dose.

Then you go in a room with a bed that slides you in and out of a donut that shoots more radation at you until you turn into a sorry, sweetie, I'm still not going to glow green. I'll keep asking the doctors if they can do that for me in the future.

The scan's just the one tumor! Lungs and liver are all OK as well as lymph nodes local to the tumor.

So now a treatment plan is created. Radiation and chemotherapy (starting in pill form) with some lovely sounding side effects will be administered for about 6 weeks. (Butt Sunning was a thing for a minute.) Then I will be doing some IV chemotherapy for a bit, probably with a port! Then a surgery. Details to come!

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