Who actually likes liver and onions?

Skulls in a window sill.

MRI #2 (the liver one) came back with some great results. I even got to ride in the Double-Magnetron (Twice the power! Warmer Bed! Loud as fuck!). The nurse said it was all just marketing mumbo-jumbo (spell check says this could be mambo-jumbo, dumbo-jumbo, gumbo-jumbo, or  jumbo-jumbo, you can decide)  because the images that come out look the same to her as the OG Model.

With that news I was able to cancel an appointment with the doctor who would have helped me remove the bad liver parts, but there aren't any bad parts!

Matthew Lillard as Stu Macher from Scream making a wonderfully bad pun.

So I took the extra time that I would have spent on the way to the doctor's office and waiting for appointment #2 of the day and had a coffee and sketch session with my lovely wife.  

Mentally I've been on a whirlwind roller-coaster lately. Apathy in the middle with some anger and frustration lift hills and some serene moments of clarity and happiness. The plummets feel great as a thrill seeker, that stomach falling out of my ass feeling just really gets my blood pumping and my brain sizzling and aching to do it again, again, again. Still too many unknowns for my mind to sit still long enough to pull down the safety harness some days, but I've got my hands on the grips and I'm about to buckle up for the next go round. Wish me luck!

Me: Fuck that analogy went on for too long.

Also Me: Why are you meta-critiquing your own work?

Me: This isn't work, dummy, it's just a way to pull shit out of my head so it's not playing pong with the walls of my skull.

Also Me: Clever changing of the analogy gamer nerd.

Me: Thanks, buddy. Love you.

Also Me: Love you too.