This story will have a happy ending...'s just not over yet.

SPOILER ALERT: There's a kidney stone image below.

In a couple days I will be undergoing my final infusion for this portion of my cancer treatment. So that means a couple more weeks of ho-hum living, but with less severity of side effects. My most recent infusion was done using a lesser dose and it totally reflected in my side effects being lessened in the couple weeks that followed.

And then my kidney stone woke up after lying dormant for about a month. I spent 12 hours lying on the couch or bed on a heating pad moaning in pain or trotting to the vomitorium (I know that use of the word is apocryphal, but I think the word is fun). Oxy helped for a little bit, ibuprofen and acetaminophen eventually added to that effort, but I was totally unable to find comfort for about five days. There was one day of false recovery in the middle that totally faked me out by giving hope that it was over...again. How sad was I when the pain started back up during the weekend and ruined all my plans? I honestly don't remember because PAIN baby!

I passed the stone or there was a random pebble that fell out of my pocket (that's where everyone keeps their pebbles, right?). I'm no longer in pain, but my week off before my last infusion has been shortened by about half and that's where my infinite sadness begins.

So I guess maybe this IS a happy ending of sorts. I'm saying goodbye to "Pebbles" (thanks for the name mom) and dropping it off at the farm up north (doctor's office) so they can do a DNA test to confirm that it is indeed "that bitch."

Image of a kidney stone next to a ruler. (Banana provided in image for scale.)

I'm really fucking exhausted. Here's hoping my body can catch back up a little before the last infusion.

Cat tax

Photo of a cat seen through a window in a door.