Where did I go wrong?

Round 2 of infusion chemotherapy was kind of hard and this isn't going to get easier to read yet. Put on your imagination cap, there might be a quiz at the end.

Imagine a world where you go in for a treatment and the side effects are a little different but still manageable (hand tingles, cold sensitivity, see previous post). Then imagine them not actually being that manageable towards the end (leg and arm muscles simultaneously contracting in both directions, try running to the bathroom, ha!) for an extra day.

Then imagine the following week, you get a migraine at midnight and are up vomiting for 4 hours. Then imagine the following week you start passing a kidney stone, a 3 millimeter piece of calcium, that just wrecks your fucking day. The pain finally went on retreat around the 22 hour mark. This was after a trip to the ER for them to confirm what I knew was there, but also for them to let me know I didn't need surgery to remove it. 12 hours of vomiting, at least once an hour. How the fuck am I functional today, how am I typing this?

It mostly comes down to being in the care of my best friend/wife. She stayed home with me yesterday, made sure I had every thing I needed to be comfortable (but let's face it, if you've had a kidney stone passing through you, comfort isn't really an option), she took me to the ER, and helped decipher my treatment after we got home. It was hell and it wasn't my first kidney stone (2 priors). It was just the first one I've had in over 10 years since I quit drinking energy drinks.

A large patterned box hanging from the ceiling with a light inside of it casting shadows on all the walls, floor, and ceiling.

Round 3 is next week, wish me luck. I'm armed with a walking cane, a furry nurse, and the best caretaker I can imagine.

Cat tax.

A cat lies upon a bearded person's chest under a blanket and peeking out.

There's no quiz, I just funnin' ya, Joe.