Where did I go wrong?

Round 2 of infusion chemotherapy was kind of hard and this isn't going to get easier to read yet. Put on your imagination cap, there might be a quiz at the end. Cream

Now the fun begins!

My new favorite hospital bracelet. A yellow hospital bracelet labeled with "FALL RISK."Monday I got my port inserted into my chest. Everything went smoothly, I was awake but sedated for the whole

One Weeks!

Total Recall (1990) two-weeks meme.One more week of radiation/chemo to go and then a couple weeks of down-time before IV chemo begins. This situation has given me a fresh outlook on

A pain like no other.

I experienced a pain last night that was new to me. Let me set this up a little bit. It might get weird. Last year when I first started being concerned about my

Day One

It's kind of like Batman: Year One but actually nothing like it except the concept of time passing and the number one in the title. Current image of me with vintage Batman Superfriends